The BIG DIG exhibit at the Museum of Science highlights the science and engineering aspects of Boston's Central Artery / Tunnel Project, the largest highway construction project of the 90's.

Unlike the typical science museum exhibit, the BIG DIG is an environment which wraps itself around the visitor.

It starts at the entrance. A giant Winkomatic sign, jersey barriers, flashing lights, the sounds of traffic and construction; all signals to the visitor that they are leaving the museum and beginning a journey into a construction zone.

Leaving this cacophony, visitors enter the quietude of the Boston Transportation Theater. Here some of the Museum's tired dioramas were given a new life. The dioramas, together with video monitors and projected computer graphics, tell the story of how Boston's road systems evolved to accompanied new transportation modes as well as the city's every changing land mass.

The next area Who Cares? acknowledges the controversy and differing opinions regarding the CA/T project. Such a project is more than science and engineering - it effects peoples lives every day.

After leaving Who Cares?, visitors board an elevator for a ride into an excavation area. Here, visitors view a 3-D film showing the construction of the Third Harbor Tunnel. Twin video projectors and polarized filters behind the construction fence create the illusion. The images jump out and surprise the unsuspecting visitors.

Visitors leave the "underground" excavation theater only to discover they didn't travel anywhere. The elevator ride was a fake!

In the Who Does What? area, visitors use computer workstations to help project employees solve typical engineering and construction problems.

Artery Physics enables visitors to experience the physical phenomenon associated with the construction.

Finally, the Drive-Through Theater enables visitors to "ride" the Artery in the past, present and future. Information stations provide the visitor with a database of artery facts.


The BIG DIG exhibit was designed and produced by Michael Sand, Inc.
Media development, systems design and installation was provided by Fredric J. Raab.
Audio and video production by Phred Churchill Productions.
Show control programming by Fredric J. Raab
Computer programming for Who Does What by Iconos.
Exhibit Fabrication by WB Inc.

The exhibit developers wish to thank Museum of Science's exhibit department and the staff of the Central Artery / Tunnel project for their assistance.

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