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Available BREW Extensions


Vendor Extension Description
Adobe Systems Flash Lite 2.1 extends the capabilities of the BREW platform to run Flash-based content for applications.
Autodesk Inc Extensions for Location Based Services (LBS), Point of Interest (POI) databases, and Geocoding 
Cascada Mobile Cascada Mobile TAG SDK (BREW Edition)
Four Corners Development Group The JpegBREW Extension allows jpeg files to be decoded, sized, and flipped for use on all handsets running BREW 1.1 or greater
GestureTek Offers the ability to control an application by flicking or tilting a camera-enabled mobile device.
HI Corporation Mascot Capsule Micro3D Engine is a BREW extension which provides APIs to develop 3D applications
Immersion Corporation Immersion VibeTonz Application Enablement Kit for BREW to play VibeTonz effects & store VibeTonz ringers on VibeTonz-enabled mobile devices.
Motricity Game Community Extensions -- networked games, top 10 scores
Networks In Motion NAVBuilder enables you to find nearby places, view maps, and get turn-by-turn directions.
Obopay Extension to allow applications to embed person to person payment functionality.
PacketVideo Corp. Media ASF engine for V CAST player application
Qualcomm Forms and Widgets extensions provides a framework for quickly and easily building highly attractive UIs on BREW
Qualcomm Value Billing software
Reaxion Corp Reaxion BREW XML parser is a SAX2 compatible XML parser
Superscape Advance 3D rendering engine
Truvideo Inc. Video player extension based on Truvideo's compression technology.
UI Magic, Inc The extension provides methods for the input, display, and sharing of complex character sets on devices that natively support only Latin based characters.
V-Enable Inc Extension that provides a set of simple APIs for adding multimodal interfaces including speech and text input.