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You found a CacheCard.

What's a CacheCard?

It's a calling card for Geocaches. Capturing the essence of place, it encourages other Geocachers to visit the location.  Often CacheCards are found attached to items taken from the site.

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What do I do with it?

CacheCards need to circulate!  Send them out as far as possible from their original site. 

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Get CacheCards for your cache!

Get a pack of 24 CacheCards specifically created for your cache.  Encourage fellow geocachers to take one as a memento of their visit.

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CacheCard Statistics

Number in circulation: 1616
Number of unique cards: 198
Number of locations containing cards: 170 
Recent discoverers: GEK, Felinus, Dr. Boggis, Butterbean, txtnkrmn, Hikers2, G&TB, FlyGirlRI
Last updated: 1 Mar 2004

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Distant CacheCard Sightings

Date Cache Location Geocacher
5 Dec 03 Fractal Parsecs Sydney, Australia GEK
14 Aug 03 Somewhere in Sweden Sweden hedberg
1 Jan 03 Der Cache III Leavenworth, WA DEH
3 Jul 02 Virgin Island Microcache #3 St. John, VI astromoe
25 Jun 02 Food Oberursel, Germany kaeferdriver

Placed or found a CacheCard outside of New England? 

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