Fredric's Geocaching Photo Album

Geocaching is a game of exploration played by a community of adventurers who bury treasure throughout the world and publish the coordinates on the Internet.   Visit for more information.

These photos document my searches.

Fredric's Top 10 Lists

After your first 100 or so caches, memories of the search can become a blur. My Top 10 Lists document my most memorable finds, mostly within Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Let me know what you think. Top10

Personal Stats

Since January 2002, I have found over 200 caches.  Here's a link to my latest finds.

I ended 2002 ranked in the top 5 geocachers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and stayed within the top 250 worldwide (out of 40,000+).  At this level of play, cachers were averaging one cache a day. On my most successful day, I've discovered 10 caches. 

I recently relocated to San Diego and after a year hiatus, resumed the sport on a limited basis.

Early Discoveries

When I started this sport, I documented each and every find.  Here's a link to those early discoveries.

Related Websites

The Degree Confluence Project is an organized sampling of the world.  Photos and stories of visits to each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world are posted here.  Another  wonderful use of the Internet and GPS.

Letterboxing is the pre-Internet, pre-GPS version of Geocaching.  Many explorers do both.

RoadHog Project

This is what happens when a mad tourist straps a camera and a GPS to his Land Rover and shoots 2,968 photos.  The freeware RoadHog software indexes digital camera images with GPS coordinates.

The Digital Exploration Society - DEX is dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the interdependence between people, the planet we inhabit and the technologies we create.  DEX launches, supports and equips Internet-enabled outdoor learning adventures for students and teachers.


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