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Current Projects
e/Balance is a smartphone platform to support energetics, energy balance and active-living research incorporating a visual food diary, wireless sensors (accelerometers, heart-rate monitors) and GPS location determination software and self report surveys.

BBeat is a J2ME cellphone application that allows teenagers at risk for Type II Diabetes, who are in an National Institutes of Health funded clinical trial of an obesity intervention program,  to monitor and record their physical and dietary habits.

SMS/MMS Messaging:  Researching the effectiveness of text and multimedia messaging in motivating individuals and encouraging group interactions.

Barcodes:  Developing software to read UPC barcodes from food packaging using a cameraphone.   Software uses web services to first determine the product name from a UPC database, and then lookup the product's nutritional information from a second database.

Pedometer Data Uploader: Designed and specified  an application to enable a user of the MySteps website to automatically upload data from their Omron pedometer which records activity levels for 44 days in one hour intervals.  Application consisted of an Active-X objected imbedded within the web page and a corresponding web service to store the uploaded data in a MS-SQL database.

Location-Based Services: Developing software utilizing the position determination capabilities of cell phones for research and commercial consumer applications.


Bluetooth: Developing applications using Bluetooth phones to read data from wireless sensors such as heart-rate monitors and accelerometers.  Working with ECE191 students, developed prototype of a Bluetooth enabled bathroom scale that timestamped and stored a person's daily weight measurements for later uploading to a webserver.