New Media Projects


Corporate Marketing

Hughes Network Systems, Geneva Telecom99 Intranet Kiosks
John Hancock Financial Services, 15x15 Trackers
MicroTouch Systems, PrivacyTouch Comdex Demo
Sawyer & Beers Advertising, Eaton Systems - Semicon Exhibit
AT&T, Viewtron Introduction
Laseractive, Directory Kiosk
Visage, Inc., Demo Disc II
Visual Technology Group, VTG Demo
Digital Equipment Corporation, IVIS Product Launch

Consumer Information

Massport Exchange Building, Building Directory
Bain and Company / R.H. Donnelly, MovieGuide
Human Performance Associates, Electronic Mall
Fusion Media, MetLife Insurance Information Center
Applied Videotex Systems, SkiData
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS Information System
Omnivex, Artist Database

Consulting / Conceptual Design

Massachusetts Horticultural Society
DeCordova Museum, Art ExperienCenter
NCAA Hall of Fame
Babson College Center for Entrepreneurship, Cyberforum
Wisconsin Health Education Center

Visitor Centers

Libby Dam and Albeni Falls Dam, Control The Flow
Alabama Power Company, The Water Course
Tennessee Valley Authority, Nuclear Information Centers
Whale Discovery Center


California Science Center, World of Life and Creative World
Museum of Work and Culture (Woonsocket, RI), La Survivance
Strawberry Banke (Portsmouth, NH), Shapiro House - Interpretive A/V Systems
The Columbus Museum, Legacy and Transformation Galleries
SportsLab, You Be the Judge Interactive Stadium
JFK Health World
SciTrek: Atlanta's Science and Technology Museum, Smart Highways
Smithsonian Institute, Museum of American History, Science in American Life
Boston Museum of Science, The Big Dig
Baltimore Aquarium, Ask the Scientists
NJ State Aquarium at Camden, What about Whales?
Peace River Films, Environmental Theater at Liberty Science Center
Commonwealth Museum, By What Right...
National Scouting Museum, Five Videodisc-Based Exhibits
Michael Sand, Inc., Purposeful Pursuits

Corporate Training

Omega Performance, Close Call
Delta Airlines, Gate and Boarding
State Farm Insurance, Agent Training
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Physical Inventory Auditing
Interactive Media Communications, Respirator Training Series
U.S. Department of Defense, Federal HazComm Training
NYC Transit Authority, Chemical Safety Training Program
Interactive Media Communications, Hazard Communications
Ford Motor Company, Value Selling in the 80s
Visual Technology Group, Equine Diagnostic Radiology
Omega Management Group, KS87B Shutter Maintenance Training
Digital Equipment Corporation, The IVIS Touch
DEC, GM , Allen Bradley, Introduction to PLC
Digital Equipment Corporation, VAX 11/730 Maintenance
Digital Equipment Corporation, PRO350 and LA100 Maintenance
Digital Equipment Corporation, VK100 Maintenance

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