The Water Course

The Water Course is an educational center providing interactive exhibits and displays that teach visitors the importance of water in our daily lives. Sponsored by the Alabama Power Company, the exhibit focuses on Alabama's waterways and reservoirs, water-related environmental issues, and the power company's role as steward and manager of the state's river systems.

In the center of the exhibit hall is Waste Not, Want Not, a wall of water jugs. A monitor in front of the wall poses questions to the visitors, such as "How many gallons of water a day does the average person use?". The visitor uses the touchscreen to indicate the amount of water he/she thinks is correct. The appropriate number of water jugs are lit, dramatically showing just how much water is used.

The Mitchell Dam Tour takes visitors on a closeup tour of a local hydroelectric plant. Inside the workshed, visitors sit in an eight-seat stationary electric cart, positioned in front of a wall sized video monitor. At several points in the tour, the cart stops at an intersection. The person behind the steering wheel determines the direction of the tour, by turning the wheel right or left.

At the Who Does What? workstations, visitors are introduced to people who work with water. Visitors are then invited to help the worker perform his or her task.

The activities are light-hearted computer graphic simulations of actual tasks, such as measuring water quality and counting microscopic water organisms.

The Helicopter Flyover is one of the most popular exhibits. In this ride film, visitors enjoy a simulated flyover of Alabama's waterways.

While in flight, the pilot talks about the history of the river, points out geographic features and explains the river's role as a means of transportation and a source of power and drinking water.

Generation Gap is a video photo booth. Visitors can select to hear fascinating tales from people who have lived and worked on Alabama's waterways. Visitors can record their own tales for inclusion in the exhibit. And the booth can also print visitors' photos on postcards.


Water Whys is an interactive game show where up to six contestants compete for the title of " Water Wizard" by demonstrating their knowledge of Alabama waterways. The set has all the paraphernalia of a TV game show including a MC (on videodisc), two video cameras, five video monitors, and six custom designed contestant pods.



The Water Course was designed and produced by Michael Sand, Inc.
Media development, systems design and installation was provided by Fredric J. Raab.
Audio and video production by Jack Morton Productions.
Computer programming by New England Technology Group.
Exhibit Fabrication by Design South.

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