TVA Nuclear Visitor and Information Centers

At TVA nuclear power plants, visitors learn about nuclear power, while TVA learns of their concerns. A magcard given to each visitor enables the exhibits to track visitor responses.

The Sign In Map collects demographic information and provides an introduction to TVA and the region.

Next, visitors enter the Energy Forum, a 35 person interactive theater which polls the audience's collective concerns about nuclear power, energy issues and economic growth in the Tennessee Valley.

Recessed into the carpeted seating platforms are custom enclosures, each containing an off-the-shelf keypad and magcard reader.


This photo of the main exhibit hall shows several exhibits. The Plant Tour (foreground) enables the visitors to explore the insides of the nuclear plant via surrogate travel. Safety First is an interactive video column of monitors where visitors hear life-size TVA workers talk about their jobs. How It Works (center) is an electromechanical model of the plant that visitors control by means of the touchscreen.

But What About? is a question and answer session moderated by the visitor. Members of the public ask TVA spokespersons questions regarding nuclear issues.
Radiation Quiz uses an interactive audio response system to test visitors' knowledge of nuclear facts and fiction.

Other exhibits include Crash Test, Balancing Act, and What Do You Think?


The TVA exhibit was designed and produced by Michael Sand, Inc.
Media development, systems design and installation was provided by Fredric J. Raab.
Audio and video production by the Chedd Angier Production Company.
Computer programming by Chedd Angier and Fredric J. Raab.
Exhibit Fabrication by Giltspur/Phoenix Exhibits, Inc.


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