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Last updated:
1 Sep 2002


Best Geocache Puzzles

To find these caches, you must first solve a puzzle. I highly recommend bringing a printout of the cache description.

GC34C - Lincoln Logic - Lincoln, MA

You really need to know how to use your GPS to solve this one.  The container at the cache coordinates (in yellow) contains 4 other coordinates that describe three lines.  The real cache is found at the point where the lines intersect.

GCEF9 - Grave Calculations - Maynard, MA

Clues for finding the location of the cache are found on four gravestones located throughout the cemetery.

GC5138 - Historic Saxonville - Framingham, MA

Before searching for this cache, you need to explore a small mill village.

GC4009 - Callahan Cache North - Marlbourgh, MA

In this multicache, you must locate a rock, find its coordinates, and use those to calculate the location of another intermediate cache -- a 35mm film can in the middle of the woods!.

GC2669 -Utility Pole Clue - Chelmsford, MA

This cache is representative of many multicaches that utilize "naturally" occurring numbers. In this case, the number of the utility pole added to the coordinates of the pole provides the final cache coordinates.